Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Zarfling Platoon is to create products to benefit the education of imaginative kids! With an objective of purposed and insightful fun, we strive to appeal both to children as well as their parents and educators.

What is a Zarfling? Why are you a platoon?

The name choice comes from Travis’ military background. A platoon is a unit as strong as it is unified; it is diverse, cohesive, resourceful, and intentioned. Zarfling Platoon was started by Travis Blair, a US Army veteran, and Angel Velasquez, a US Navy veteran. – additional details –

Story Elements

We try to tell a story with everything that we do. The story elements of characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution are addressed throughout our product line. If the imagination is a place, a Zarfling is what we discover living there. These discoveries make imaginations such fun to visit! – additional details


Travis Blair
From Texas
Likes: hockey, beer, & terrible movies
Dislikes: sea food, coffee, & pineapple on pizzas

Angel Velasquez
From New Mexico
Likes: action figures, museums, & slow cars
Dislikes: Norwegian princes, stepping on legos, & my bald spot

David Buist
from Ontario
Likes: hockey, beer, & terrible movies
Dislikes: ea food, coffee, & pineapple on pizzas

PJ Day
From Arizona
Likes: ice cream, creating music, & Tasty Kakes cupcakes
Dislikes: squishy foods, laundry, & unnecessary drama

Amy Waeschle
from Washington
Likes: surfing, reading, & mechanical pencils
Dislikes: mushy avocados, centipedes, skiing in the rain

Jason Payne
from Georgia
Likes: Archie comics, rats, & pixel art
Dislikes: diet sodas, mayonnaise, & early mornings