Our Mission Statement:
The mission of Zarfling Platoon is to create products to benefit the education of imaginative kids! With an objective of purposed and insightful fun, we strive to appeal both to children as well as their parents and educators.
What is a Zarfling? Why are you a platoon?
If the imagination is a place, a Zarfling is what we discover living there. These discoveries make our imaginations such fun to visit! The name choice comes from Travis’ military background. A platoon is a unit as strong as it is unified; it is diverse, cohesive, resourceful, and intentioned.

Travis Blair
Writer; founder of Zarfling Platoon
Travis Blair profile
Travis is an author, US Army combat veteran, and Texas Army National Guardsman. He lives in Austin, TX, with his three kids and wonderful wife, who luckily puts up with hearing about Zarflings in the Wildestness without pouring Travis’ coffee on his head. Aside from what is found here, Travis also writes goofy musings at The Zarf. He enjoys getting outdoors to go kayaking and trailrunning.

David Buist, illustrator
Illustrator of The Knitting Chicken
What else have you created?
I produced a webcomic for several years called Taking the Bypass (http://cartoonme.net/). I also published a children’s book written by my brother called ‘Down at the Wharf’ that includes a song.
What are some things you’re working on now?
I am currently working on a children’s book that is near completion about a day in the life of horses. I have a few other books in the planning stages as well and a few other projects I’ve illustrated for that are still in the works (can’t share yet).
What do you like to do for fun?
I like to play soccer, watch hockey, and drink beer. I’ve been in a few bands when I was younger but don’t play much anymore. I like terrible movies and all kinds of music.
Here’s Dave (left), from 2001!

PJ Day, webcomic creator
Artist of SpellCasters VS game series
pj day profile
P.J. is a cartoonist, graphic designer, and illustrator. He’s done work ranging from logo and web site designs, illustrations for games and greeting cards, to technical assembly manuals. He is also the creative force behind the popular comic strip, Flatt Bear. P.J. lives in sunny Surprise Arizona with his wife, two daughters, and several idiot cats. When not illustrating or cartooning, he’s busy playing guitar and is a novice recording engineer. Check out PJ’s brief biography!

Angel Velasquez, illustrator
Illustrator of Haiku Coloring Books
Angel Velasquez avatar
US Navy veteran. Spilling his brains on every art medium he can find. Dad of the 3 greatest kids around. Boxer dog guardian to one cool canine. Collects and enjoys all things comics and animation. Goal: To 1 day create and share his own comic with the masses. His words not mine.

Jason Payne, cartoonist
Chief Duck Aligner; artist of upcoming project
I have been self publishing comics since I was in high school, and along the way I managed to earn a degree in Multimedia Design. I have worked as a web designer, a photographer, videographer, a production assistant, and an illustrator at various points.
What do you illustrate on your own?
Mostly humorous, action packed funny animals comics. My two main series in that vein are PRINCEZZ (an ongoing epic webcomic) and TINY TODD (a series of short print stories); they’re aimed at different demographics (PRINCEZZ is a bit on the “mature” side), but both draw heavily from my interests in GOLDEN and SILVER AGE kids comics, exploitation films, beat lit, and rockabilly culture.
I do comics starring people as well. This year I released a comic adaptation of a short science-fiction story by Philip K Dick, and I am currently developing a campy horror comic.